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Program description

The objective of this degree programme is to give students a deeper understanding of various aspects of English Studies: literature, history and culture, linguistics and applied linguistics. The programme consists of compulsory courses and three strands to choose from: English Literature and Culture, English Applied Linguistics, and Society and Culture of English Speaking Countries. Students are required to submit a thesis at the end of their studies, which will have to be defended at the final examination.

Preparatory year available: No

Specialisation year available: No

Entry requirements

Holding a BA degree in English Studies or a minimum of 50 credits gained in a related field.

Entrance exam information

Entrance examination: Yes
Type of entrance exam: Oral
Place of examination: Electronic (Microsoft Teams)

Entrance exam description

In the Microsoft Teams interview the candidate should first briefly introduce himself/herself. Afterwards he/she answers questions concerning given topics which have been previously sent by e-mail. This part is followed by questions on the applicants literary experience and linguistic knowledge. The total score is 100 points, out of which the candidate may get 30-30-30 points for each section and an additional 10 points for the introduction.

Contact person

Dr. Judit Nagy
Associate Professor

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The foundation courses (16 credits) and the pre-specialization module (17 credits) give a deeper insight into the literary, cultural, historical and linguistics aspects of the English language than courses in this field at the BA level. Students will also get an introduction into digital humanities. Another great strength of the programme is the Practical Skills Module (14 credits), where students can further develop their already advanced English language skills in speaking, academic writing, academic presentation, and text editing. Students can specialize in English Literature and Culture, English Applied Linguistics, and the Society and Culture of English-Speaking Countries from the second semester onwards. 43 credits need to be obtained from one of the specialization modules. A further 10 credits are allocated to elective courses or to an internship, and students also have to write a thesis (20 credits).

Main subject areas

English language and literature
English linguistics
English applied linguistics
British history, society and culture
Post-colonial literature and culture
Different periods in English literary history
English literature and Christianity
Digital humanities
Practical skills (advanced speaking skills, advanced academic writing, academic presentation, editing skills, conference and workshop experience)

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