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Program description:
The Doctoral School of Physics was established in 1994, based on four traditional research fields of physics at University of Szeged (formerly JATE University): atomic physics, optics and laser physics, solid state physics and biophysics. Since then new co-operating institutions and groups has joined the School, which led to a significant expansion of the research areas and profiles. The School reached its present form in 2007, integrating 11 co-operating departments of 3 national research/educational institutes. The School offers graduate courses in a broad range of physics, including atomic and molecular physics, optics and laser physics, material science, mathematical physics, astrophysics, biophysics, clinical radiology and nuclear medicine. Well-equipped laboratories are available for experimental research projects. Facilities include several high-intensity and ultrashort-pulse lasers, atomic-force-, optical- and electron microscopes, spectrographs, vacuum chambers, clinical CT-, MR- and SPECT-equipments, a computer grid and an astronomical observatory. The research projects are funded by national and international (mostly EU-) agencies.

Entrance exam:

Type of entrance exam:

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Application Requirements:
at least intermediate level (B2) certified by an internationally accredited language examination: TELC B2, ECL B2, TOEFL iBT test score of at least 72, or RPDT score 72, Cambridge First Certificate at least “B”, IELTS score of at least 5.5

Conditions of admission: MSc- (or equivalent) degree in physics or a related field – passing an oral admission exam on physics.
Entrance exam: • all applicants take an exam with personalised set of topics related to the chosen educational subprogram • the entrance exam is oral, the performace is rated on scale 0-30 (the best is 30) • additionally to the entrance exam, points are rewarded based on the mark of the diploma (maximum point 25) and previous research work (maximum point 25) and extra 5 points for extra foreign language knowledge.

Dr. Zoltán Keresztes
associate professor

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Specialisation year available:

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Maximum number of scholarship holders:


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