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The Faculty may only admit applicants for trainings that will be started following the general application procedure of 2024; An additional condition for successfully establishing a student status is the fulfilment of medical fitness examination organized by the University of Pécs following the application procedure.

Program description:
The aim is to train nursing and health care experts who are able to take part with their full responsibility in prevention, treatment, nursing and rehabilitation at all levels of health and social care. Their knowledge is based on studies of individual, family, community and public health protection and rehabilitation as well as on health and social services
Obese people have to fight several diseases that are in connection with their
weight (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer). If you have the drive to help
them, dietetics will provide you the required knowledge. Healthy eating – and
thus the knowledge of a dietetian – is essential to prevent and successfully treat
several diseases, as medications or a surgery rarely provide complete solution.
Patients are often forced to stop eating their favourite treats, and a dietetian may
largely contribute to the patients’ treatment, balance and well-being by offering
enjoyable but healthy dietary options.

Entrance exam:

Type of entrance exam:

Entrance exam location:

Entrance exam description:
The mean of grades from Biology and one other subject chosen by the student counts weighted in calculating the average of the high school grades. Besides a list of rankings thus completed, the student will participate in a min 15 minute long Skype interview, based on a certain protocol, to ascertain their competencies in the language thereby confirming that the applicant is competent enough to participate in the foreign language course.

Dr. Orsolya Máté
director of foreign affairs


Basic fields of study:
• basic health sciences 15-20 credits
• applied health sciences 30-35 credits
• health sciences 4-6 credits
• nutrition science 2-5 credits
• pharmaceutical science 2-4 credits
• natural sciences 6-8 credits
• arts 6-8 credits
• social sciences 8-12 credits

Special fields for the Dietetics programme:
• applied health sciences 5-10 credits
• theoretical and clinical medical science 10-15 credits
• food and nutrition science 90-100 credits

Type of courses (with different type of completion):
• theoretical
• practice
• demonstration room practice
• field practice

Exams: written / oral / practical

Grade system:
1 – fail / no pass
2 – close fail but passed
3 – average, improvement needed
4 – above average grade, very good
5 – best possible grade, excellent

The minimum amount of credits to be collected in every semester is 18 credits.

Jelentkezzen most! Tanév 2024/25
Ez a felvételi időszak nem alkalmazható
Jelentkezzen most! Tanév 2024/25
Ez a felvételi időszak nem alkalmazható