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The Conductor Teacher is an educator specialist who can help people with nervous-system-based motor disabilities to live a life as independently as possible. The conductive pedagogy is based on the unique Pető-method and has special focus on nursery school and primary school children. Additionally, the Conductor Teacher is a full-fledged teacher who can teach in any nursery school or primary school.

Conductive education involves all aspects of functionality – from physical functioning to communication to cognitive development to social interaction, experimentation, and psychological acceptance – and how these components interact. The conductor is the person who facilitates conductive education, and his or her goal is to cultivate an ortho-functioning personality. This person works directly with the student group, and designs and monitors the course of education.

A graduated Conductive Teacher is able to participate in adult rehabilitation as well, specializing in motor development of those who has neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson disease or Multiple Sclerosis, or conditions after stroke, or cranial/brain injuries.


In the Conductive Pedagogy BA program, the students start their practice classes from the first week. While in the theory side, they will study subjects from the social sciences, the medical sciences, and the pedagogical sciences.

The first 2 semesters are about the foundation with pedagogy, psychology, IT, foreign language, and of course conductive pedagogy.

In the second year, the students get familiar with some neurology courses, and more special courses from the pedagogy and conductive pedagogy courses while they can already choose their specialization for nursery school, primary school, or pedagogical rehabilitation.

In the third year, they focus more on neurology, some special communication, pedagogy, and medical biology. In the final year, they take a look on the legal and ethical aspects of the conductive pedagogy, they study some alternative methodologies and they get deep knowledge on rehabilitation.

During the fourth year, almost every second class they will practice with real children, in real social-environment.


After graduation our students can work in conductors’ teams, multi-professional rehabilitation teams or as independent entrepreneurs offering the services of conductive pedagogy. For those, who want to study further can choose our master’s program. A scientific researcher career is also possible who might be interested in that way.

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