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Program description:
The aim of the program is to train highly qualified engineers who possess the knowledge and skills needed for the engineering work involved in the planning, implementation and operation of the technology and infrastructure essential for the exploration, production, processing and transport of oil, natural gas and water supplies. Graduates possess the theoretical knowledge needed to carry out and manage tasks in their area of expertise at a level that meets international standards, and have the background needed to pursue doctoral studies. The Petroleum Engineering Department of the University of Miskolc is the only institution in Hungary offering a Petroleum Engineering programme, and has awarded more than 800 master’s degrees since 1951. Our graduates work in all sectors of the Hungarian petroleum and gas industry and in many of the oil producing countries of the world. Graduate programs in English for international students began more than 25 years ago. The curriculum is comparable to that offered by leading US schools and provides students with a comprehensive engineering and advanced courses. Petroleum engineering is a well-paying career that offers many opportunities to use one’s talents and skills in the important mission of supplying energy to the world. If you come from a country rich in petroleum resources and you enjoy the challenge of working on new designs or installations and solving field problems, you are an ideal candidate for the programme. An MSc degree will provide you with a leading edge and a competitive knowledge base backed by the Petroleum Engineering Department’s 60 years of experience in training. Furthermore, if you desire to conduct research and advanced individual studies, studies can be continued in our PhD program.

Entry requirements:
Entry requirement is BSc or BEng degree (minimum 6 semesters) in Petroleum engineering, Petroleum Gelogy, or Chemical engineering in condition if it includes some petroleum upstream courses

Entrance exam:

Type of entrance exam:

Entrance exam location:

Entrance exam description:
Following inspection of the uploaded documents the Entrance Examination Committee of the Faculty (3 members) invites the candidate to a Skype interview, the maximum score of which is 100. Evaluation criteria: result of BSc degree based on GPA (max. 35%) , competency in the given study field, motivation (max. 30%), relevancy and topic of BSc thesis (max. 15%), English language communication and command (max. 20%).

Ms Henriett Tóth

Preparatory year available:

Specialisation year available:

Minimum number of scholarship holders:

Maximum number of scholarship holders:


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