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The programme provides a complete education in biology and also a number of specialised tracks such as neurobiology, genetics, microbiology, animal and plant ecology, botany, zoology, and plant physiology. These specialised tracks, which feature from the second year. are incorporated into two modules: infraindividual (involving more laboratory practice and cellular biology courses) and supra-individual (involving more ecology courses). Each module comprises 5-8 subjects. Both these and the basic subjects are taught by means of lectures, seminars and laboratory work. The programme also provides a broader perspective of the related scientific fields of chemistry and physics. Students will develop their knowledge by using the most modern instrumentation in our new research centre.This covers all facets of education, research and innovation in the biomedical, natural and environmental sciences fields. It also provides opportunities to be involved in research work in 22 different research groups.

Entrance exam:

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Making a 100-point ranking out of the admission requirements. 50 point could be given for the basic previous academic achievement and the other 50 point could be reached for the oral entrance exam.

Ms Erika Szilágyi-Kispap
international coordinator

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment