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Program description:
The Physics BSc provides a full 3-year education in Physics together with specialised tracks in IT, in Physics and Applied Physics (especially Laser Physics). The curriculum is organized in modules embracing introductory courses in Natural Sciences and common courses for all Physics students (basic courses in Mathematics, Physics and Informatics). The courses related to the specialisations in Applied Physics cover advanced topics in Experimental and Theoretical Physics and the necessary courses in Mathematics and Informatics. The focus of the specialisation in Informatics for Physics is Data Acquisition, Signal Processing in LabView, Database Management and Programming in C# language.

Entrance exam:

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Entrance exam description:
Making a 100-point ranking out of the admission requirements. 50 point could be given for the basic previous academic achievement and the other 50 point could be reached for the oral entrance exam.

Ms Erika Szilágyi-Kispap
international coordinator

Preparatory year available:

Specialisation year available:

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment