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The aim of the programme is to provide geological and geophysics engineers with the technical knowledge and engineering solutions needed for the exploration of subsurface and raw mineral resources and their management, as well as for carrying out environmental assessments and the remediation of environmental contamination. Students are trained to manage situations in creative ways, to plan exploration projects, and to develop new methods. Applied Geology and Geophysics is closely linked to mineral exploration and development in different fields of extractive industries: hydrocarbon, metallic minerals, industrial minerals, aggregates. Since the extractive industry is one of the most globalised sectors in our time, this training programme provides a great advantage if the graduates learn and practice the subjects in the generally accepted language of profession, English. The high-level practical skills and the theoretical knowledge gained in earth sciences as well as in engineering prepare students to carry out and manage research and development activities within their area of specialisation, as well as to become involved in academic research and to pursue doctoral studies.

The aim of the programme is to train geologists and geophysical engineers who have the knowledge of geology, geophysics and geoinformatics and skills necessary for the prospecting and exploration of geological structures and mineral resources, the assessment of mineral resources and reserves, conduct environmental geological surveys and delineate environmental pollution.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Starting in 2022 September, it is offered with imbedded mobility window and special field work training activities. The Earth Science Engineering MSc with this improvement is a part of the TIMREX education programme, supported by the EIT RawMaterials. Students may spend their third semester at the partner university – Lulea Technical University, Sweden or Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland – using mobility window and participate in a specific field exploration camp between the two semesters, as well as spend internship in the frame of the RIS Internship opportunity.

Structure of the mobilities and details are found at the page. Students will recieve during graduation the Earth Science Engineering MSc diploma of the University of Miskolc, however, the training will contain elements – in cooperation with the academic and non-academic partners of the TIRMEX project – that aim to train students towards the innovative mineral resource exploration.

SPECIALIZATIONS: Geological engineering, Geophysical engineering

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Programme structure

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Career opportunities

The expected area of utilization of professional qualifications is represented by mining and exploration companies, research institutes and specialized authorities that deal with the management, planning and regulation of mineral raw materials. In addition to the knowledge of earth sciences, the strong engineering training makes the students graduating here to be specialized in mineral exploration and exploitation as well as supervision of the applied earth science directions and technologies.

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