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Program description:
The English language archaeological programme has an internationally trained and renowned group of professors, who are fully involved not only in archaeological reasearch of various European countries, but also run a number of research projects in the Near East and thus are welcoming students with a broad spectre of subjects to supervise. To provide th ebest possible training, the group of the PPCU supervision is supplemented by well renowned scholars both from Hungary and abroad to help the students during their research project. The obligatory lectures in the archaeological material of various civilisations are supplemented with training in the use of the most recent documentation and research technologies of the GIS and Non-Invasive Archaeological Laboratory of the Institute. Supported by the unique technical capacities of the laboratory, students can lay a special emphasis in their research subject on the technological field too. Training provided by the laboratory includes geodesy, geophysics, earial photography, 3D modeling and the use of various softwares for processing including AutoCAD.
To obtain the PhD degree students are required to collect all the 240 credits of the programme to get the final certificate. Pass a Comprehensive Examination at the end of the 4th semester. Have one B2 language exam certificate as a condition of the comprehensive Examination. Submit dissertation after the Comprehensive Examnination within 3 years. Complete a thesis discussing session with the members of the opponent teachers’ committee. Defend the thesis in public, in front of the committee.
Entry requirements:
MA or MSc degree in all sciences
Entrance exam:
Type of entrance exam:
Entrance exam location:
PPCU or abroad
Entrance exam description:
Based on the foreign language homepage of the Doctoral School of History students get a full view of the instruction and research done at the Doctoral School. Fee-paying students contact the email address on the Doctoral School homepage, the students of the “Stipendium” contact the Tempus Foundation in order to express their intention to apply and send their documents needed for the application process (MA degree, the necessary language skills, valid travel documents, motivation letter). The staff at the Doctoral School specialized in the field and commissioned for the process contact the candidates and conduct the entrance application procedure on a previously designated day:
- those qualified for the process present themselves to a board of appointed staff from the Doctoral School
- those unable to attend due to some specified reasons may present themselves through skype to the same board
- in-as-much it is possible for the Doctoral School – but in every case of our partners in the Middle East countries (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraqi Kurdistan, Egypt, Turkey) the staff members working in the field will have personal interviews with the candidates besides the skype conference

Mr. Tamás Hógenburg
head of international office


Programme structure

240 credits, 4 years

Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States