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The Pre-School Educator BA Program trains future professionals who will possess the theoretically-based knowledge, skills and competences in pedagogy needed to fulfill the expectations of pre-school education. The program’s aim is to prepare experts who have acquired a firm foundation in theory and practical skills and are capable of and dedicated to educating three- to six-year-old children. The program is conducted in person, at the Faculty of Pre-School and Primary Education in Budapest, Hungary.

Strength of program
One main feature of the program is to provide top-level theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of early childhood education. Our faculty is the flagship institute for pre-school teachers’ training in Hungary.

The feedback regarding our alumni’s ability to fill positions in the job market is very positive; in the past years, our students have been able to choose from a wide selection of jobs.

The Research Lab conducts research and organizes several events for students and practicing teachers, such as Workshops for Kindergarten Educators or a Play Lab for pedagogical practitioners and parents.

Kindergarten Education BA coordinator:

Programme structure

Find the detailed structure of the program on the site of the Faculty: here

Career opportunities

Our graduates will be able to plan and effectively manage the kind of process-related pedagogical activities that support child-centered, differentiated development with the aim of supporting the growth of children’s personalities. Students will gain familiarity in how to comply with the relevant educational documentation while using the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired throughout the course.

Our graduates will be able to teach children aged three to six years by applying the knowledge gained in subjects such as Psychology, Pedagogy, Methodology and Language Skills. This foundation will be effectively utilized in supporting pre-school children’s needs, encouraging motivation and developing their thought processes.

A degree in pre-school education entitles the holder to fulfil positions at pre-schools owned by various entities, such as the local town council, church foundations or privately-run establishments. This qualification enables our graduates to continue their studies at the MA level.

Job examples
Day-Care Teacher, Pre-School Teacher

Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

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