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Program description:
Interdisciplinarity is a major feature of our Doctoral School, as almost all sub-disciplines of Health Sciences are represented within the eligible research areas, including frontiers of health sciences, cardiovascular health science, treatment of locomotive disorders, perinatal health science, human reproduction, oncology – health sciences , preventive oncology, diagnostic medical imaging, gastroenterological diseases, sport and health sciences, food sciences, nutrition, dietetics and hydration. Duration of the training is 8 semesters, and devided into two periods: the purpose of the first 4 semester is training and research, and the second 4 semester is dedicated to research and dissertation writing. After the 4th semester (at the end of the first period)- a complex exam is required, which measures and evaluates the study and research promotion. Our mission is to provide support to our students in their research field for their scientific work, publishing novel results, international dissemination and for getting acquainted with the most recent protocols and methods. The school motivates the PhD students to take part in national and international applications. By international contacts we give opportunity to our PhD students to mobility and to have experiences abroad and to expand their scientific contacts. Since the foundation of the Doctoral School in 2006 more than 80 researchers have received their PhD degree.

Entrance exam:

Type of entrance exam:

Entrance exam location:

Entrance exam description:
The admission committee ascertains the completeness of preliminary documents: -master’s degree (MSc) in a relevant field and transcript, -certified English translation of the diploma (If official transcripts and diploma/degree certificates are not issued in English), -Intermediate (B2) English Language proficiency certificate, -agreement for co-operation between the doctoral candidate and supervisor, -CV in English, with details of professional activity, -preliminary research proposal, -letters of recommendation from two PhD holders (one from the University issued the degree), -list of publication (if any), -cover/motivation letter – Why do you want to join the PhD Programme of the Doctoral School of Health Sciences? The admission committee also assesses the preliminary performance giving advantages: -excellent qualification during graduate university studies in general and in the discipline of the Doctoral School concerned, -successful participation in student-researchers societies, -language skills exceeding the requirements, -having participated in study trips abroad, -participating in scientific congresses as presenter (poster-presenter) or co-authors of research papers. Applicants having met the basic requirements applying for the SH scholarship are required to prove knowledgeability and creativity, previous professional activity, research proposal, post-arrival plans and English skills in front of a three-member admission committee in an oral (Skype) interview, which assesses the performance by allotting a maximum of five points per member.

Ms Viktória Prémusz
administrator expert

Programme structure

Structure of the doctoral training:
- Minimum credit requirement in the doctoral training: 240 credit
- Duration of the training: 8 semesters
- Two periods:
The first 4 semester: training and research
The second 4 semester: research and dissertation writing
-After the 4th semester (at the end of the first big period) a complex exam is required,
which measures and evaluates the study, research promotion.
-After the complex exam 2 years to submit your doctoral thesis.

The PhD degree can be earned in a procedure following the PhD training. It is mandators to
fulfil the publication requirements covering the area of dissertation, pass the Doctoral
Examination, prepare the PhD dissertation and defend it.


I. Training and research period:
- Duration: 4 semesters
- Based on the acquisition of the minimum training / learning credits (this isn’t mentioned
in the act)
- At the end of the period: complex exam
One can take the complex exam only in the end of the 4th semester.

II. Research and dissertation period:
-Duration: 4 semesters (from 5th to 8th semester)
-It is similar to the old system’s dissertation submission
-Doctoral students obligations:
Credits: minimum 120 credits
Focusing on: scientific research/artistic creations
It is not excluded to acquire study or educational credits

III. Complex exam
-Two main part:
theoretical part: literature based knowledge of the relevant discipline
report from the scientific or artistic progresses of their own topic
-It is possible to retake the complex exam one more time, in the same exam period
-The evaluation of the complex exam: Successful/Unsuccessful
Successful: One can start the training’s second period
Unsuccessful: It means the termination of the doctoral student’s training

Credit allocation
Study credits
It is desirable to acquire the study credits in the first two semesters.

The completion of credits is ackowledged by the tutor of the subject indicated in Neptun,
based on the prescribed requirements including examinations, essays progress tests, etc. For
the evaluation a two-grade scale (pass/fail) is to be used, which is also to be entered into

Research credits
The doctoral student (as researcher) can obtain it by research.
The performance is not evaluated, the consultant by his/her signature justifies that the
doctoral student – through hard work, familiarty with the relevant literature and the
performance in the PhD training – finds the doctoral student eligible for continuing the PhD

Complex exam
The evaluation of the complex exam: Successful/Unsuccessful
Successful: One can start the training’s second period
Unsuccessful: It means the termination of the doctoral student’s training

It is possible to retake the complex exam one more time, in the same exam period

Following the successful completion of the organized training, the student will be granted
an absolutory. The certificate states that all course-units have been completed (absolutory),
which is required for the commencement of the procedure for obtaining a doctoral degree.
Ph.D. candidacy procedure – Requirements for the doctoral (Ph.D.) degree satisfying all obligations prescribed in the Ph.D. regulation students must satisfy the Ph.D. foreign language requirements presentation of the results of the student’s original research work realization of the scientific project suitable for the requirements of the Ph.D. degree; presentation of the thesis, defense of the results in a public Ph.D. defense.

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Not available for applying at the moment