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If choose Applied Linguistics, you will know about
how we process our language(s);
how we acquire/learn language(s);
how bi- and multilingual people communicate;
what linguistic rights and policies different states have;
how important intercultural communication is;
how the brain works while processing language(s);
what methods you can use for linguistic research.

You can:
learn from world famous international professors;
participate in research and conferences;
get published;
work at any places where human communication is in focus;
go on with your studies at our Multilingualism Doctoral School.

Application without preconditions: those holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Hungarian, English, German, Romance languages, Romology, Slavic languages, Communication, Media Studies

Application with preconditions:
students holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Ancient Languages, Eastern Languages and Cultures, Pedagogy, Psychology, Liberal Arts, Political Sciences, Social Pedagogy, Sociology, IT Librarian, Primary School Teacher, Kindergarten Teacher and Special Education need to have at least 10 credits in linguistics based on their Bachelor’s programme.

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Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment