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The aim of this program is to train environmental engineers with up-to-date knowledge in natural sciences, earth sciences and engineering, economics and management. One specialisation focuses to identify and evaluate potential environmental hazards and of prevent or reduce the impact and risk of environmental threats, as well as manage the damage control projects. The other specialisation trains professionals for circular economy, focusing on recycling technologies and processes.

SPECIALIZATIONS: Remediation and environmental geotechnics, Waste management

Ms Henriett Tóth –

Programme structure

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Career opportunities

Environmental engineers from Remediation and environmental geotechnics specialisation will be able to work out at advanced level technical solutions and apply them to prevent contamination of the environment. Thy are trained in contaminated site remediation, and risk assessment, planning and operating monitoring systems, carrying out impact assessments and environmental protection reviews and producing impact studies. Graduates of Waste management specialisation will be capable of design and operating waste management and treatment systems, planning and implementing tasks related to waste treatment and disposal, design landfills and waste recycling facilities.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment
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