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The applicant has to take part in an online interview. He/she will be asked general questions with regards to his/her chosen major and general knowledge of the field. Language of the interview: Hungarian. Beke László: Rajz és műalkotások elemzése a középiskolák számára

The admission consists of two stages:
Stage 1: The selection board will view the uploaded application documents:
- a curriculum vitae in Hungarian language
- Motivation letter in Hungarian language; a letter of motivation of up to half a page describing why you chose this programme
- Portfolio – minimum of 5 artistic works and at least 20 pages; a selection of previous autonomous works, in any genre;
- studies (in any genre: e.g. sculpture, drawing, painting).

Stage 2: Admission interview: an assessment of knowledge in the field of contemporary Hungarian and international art.
Assessment of Hungarian language skills
Presentation of home works, discussion. In the discussion, the candidate must demonstrate a thorough knowledge of universal and domestic art history, based on the literature provided, as well as knowledge of current events (e.g. exhibitions, events, art galleries, etc.) in domestic museums, collections and exhibition spaces.

The candidate is required to have a knowledge of 20th century as well as contemporary art.

Please note that an interview will only take place if the Committee decides on the basis of the portfolio. When applying, it is very important that you indicate which specialisation you wish to choose.

Programme structure

5 years, one-tier masters

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment
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