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BScMedical Diagnostic Imaging Analysis

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Program description:
Optometrists are able to utilise their optic, optometric, measuring and clinical knowledge gained during the training programme, conduct the examination and correction of the eye individually and prescribe optical aids (eyeglasses, contact lenses) with the aim of attaining the optimal visual acuity in patients. The professionals are able to estimate the refractive medium, refractive ability, errors of refraction, the way eye muscles function, and the ability of heterophoria and convergence. They examine binocular vision, the chamber of the eye, crystalline lens, vitreous humour and the eye fundus with the help of a slit lamp, and they estimate ocular tension. Optometrists utilise their clinical and nursing knowledge during their daily activities, actively participate in improving the culture of vision of individuals, communities and the population. Through examinations, the optometrist recognises and evaluates the disorders of the eyeand so contributes to the immediate receipt of specialised care.

Entry requirements:
School leaving exam



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Not available for applying at the moment