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BAelőadó-művészet (fuvola előadóművész szakirány)

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Program description:
This BA programme is designed to provide students with a wide knowledge of playing musical instruments, and classical singing. Basic theoretical fields, such as Acoustics, Art history, Aesthetics, Philosophy, Ethics, Music history, Folk music and Music theory are also subjects of the programme. Apart from other fields, applied subjects such as solfeggio, techniques of playing musical instruments, chamber music, choir singing, piano accompaniment and sight-reading are also provided during the course, depending on specialisation. The programme focuses on developing skills of playing solo instruments, and playing in a symphony or chamber orchestra. Graduates of the Faculty can find careers as solo artists, members of symphony or chamber orchestras, or they can continue their Master studies at the Béla Bartók Faculty of Arts.

Entrance exam description – Demo recording:
• 1 Etude from the following:
• Feliks Tomaszewski: Selected etudes for flute, Studies 6th from the IV. volume (A. B. Fürstenau: G major), or 9th (A. B. Fürstenau: D major)
• Joachim Andersen: 24 Etudes for flute (op. 15.): 3.
• 1 optional Fantasia by Telemann or 1 slow and 1 fast movement from a Baroque sonate
• 1 slow and 1 fast movement from an optional pre-classical or classical concerto, played from memory (e.g. Quanz, Stamitz)

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment