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Program description

The objective of this degree programme is to give students a deeper understanding of various aspects of English studies, namely in the field of history and culture, linguistics, and, most importantly, literature. The programme consists of compulsory courses and a strand in English literature which contains electives. Apart from specialized literature courses offered on various periods and aspects of English literature, this programme also includes the Christian tradition in English literature, and the influence of the Bible on it. Students are required to submit a thesis at the end of their studies, which will have to be defended at the final examination.

Preparatory year available: No

Specialisation year available: No

Entry requirements

Holding a BA degree in English Studies or a minimum of 50 ECTS credits gained in a related field.

Entrance exam information

Entrance examination: Yes
Type of entrance exam: Oral
Place of examination: Electronic (Microsoft Teams)

Entrance exam description

In the Microsoft Teams interview the candidate should first briefly introduce himself/herself. Afterwards he/she answers questions concerning given topics which have been previously sent by e-mail. This part is followed by questions on the applicants literary experience and linguistic knowledge. The total score is 100 points, out of which the candidate may get 30-30-30 points for each section and an additional 10 points for the introduction.

Contact person

Dr. Judit Nagy
Associate Professor

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Programme structure

The objective of the two-year program is to acquaint students with a broadly defined concept of English literary culture, including its history, major trends, critical schools and, of course, its most representative works and authors. While holding a BA in English Studies* and completing yet further foundational courses in the initial phases of the program are essential, students and instructors no longer just survey a given field, but undertake an in-depth exploration of it. Therefore, detailed textual analysis with its associated historical dimension constitutes the core activity in class. Our choice of readings has been partly determined by the academic profile of the department and the religious mission of the University. As a result, the program places particular emphasis on Biblical and Christian traditions and explores, among other issues, the complex and continuing presence of the Bible within English literature. The foundation courses of the program also include linguistics, history, culture and language use. During the 2016/17 curricular revision, a practical skills module has been added to the program, in response to the needs and challenges of the changing world.

Main subject areas

English language and literature
English linguistics
British history, society and culture
Post-colonial literature and culture
Different periods in English literary history
English literature and Christianity
Practical skills (advanced writing, academic presentation, editing skills, conference and workshop experience, research methodology, digital skills)

Apply now! Academic year 2023/24
Application period has ended
Studies commence
1 Sept 2023
Apply now! Academic year 2023/24
Application period has ended
Studies commence
1 Sept 2023
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