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Our aim is to train our students to become specialists who are able to analyze the most important relationships in biology, who know the most important research methods in this field, and who are able to plan, solve and evaluate biological tasks.
Our instructors carry out internationally recognized research in biology and its related fields (Ecology, Hydrobiology, Behavioral Ecology, Genetics, Human Biology, Microbiology, Nature Conservation, Environmental Protection). They conduct their research with the participation of interested students with a wide range of national and international cooperation, and the results of their research are published in prestigious international scientific journals.
Our training is featured by a practice-oriented approach and a student-centered education, served by modern laboratories, instrumentation, well-equipped classrooms and internships in connection with our institute. With the help of the knowledge that the students acquire at our institute, they are able find jobs in a wide variety of fields: health, food, plant protection, pharmaceutical, environmental and quality control laboratories, national parks, conservation organizations, environmental and water laboratories.

Applicants can choose the following specialization: Applied Biology Operator

The students have 6-week internship during the training.

Programme structure

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment