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Programme objective

The Bachelor’s degree programme in international business economics is designed to explore the connections between world economic processes, trends and international trade and to transfer the knowledge of foreign economic policy instruments necessary for setting up and implementing international transactions (transactions in goods and services). The knowledge acquired from the programme enables students to analyse and devise the foreign trade strategy and export-import structure of national economies, to design and manage global supply chain, and to create trading, logistics and financing contracts that enable companies to enter international markets. The programme prepares students for work in the fields of international business development, international sourcing, and sales and logistics both in domestic and international business environments.

Students graduating from the Bachelor’s programme in International Business Economics

  • can carry out, manage and organize international entrepreneurial activities, either in self-employment or integrated into a large corporate structure;
  • can monitor and interpret the processes in the world economy and international business, the changes in economic policy and the policies and legislation relevant and related to their special field, as well as the effects of the same, and take these into account when developing analyses, proposals and decisions;
  • are prepared to determine the complex consequences of forwarding and foreign trade processes, plan and organize economic activity in business organizations related to forwarding activities and foreign trade processes;
  • know and understand the basic functioning and goals of economic policy, foreign trade processes, foreign economic policy and their effects.
    are equipped with knowledge related to the functioning of the European Union, as necessary for efficient work.
  • have clear understanding of the specific characteristics of working in an international multicultural environment.

Entry requirements:

1. Secondary school leaving certificate

2. B2 English language knowledge, proved by internationally accepted language examination system (e.g.: IELTS, TOEFL, WAEC, etc.) and interview performance

3. Transcript of secondary school studies

Entrance exam:

The entrace exam consists of two parts. On one hand, the applicants’ previous studies are evaluated (based on the transcripts and the final secondary certificate/high school diploma), motivation letter and any additional documents are checked as well. On the other hand, applicants need to participate in an online admission interview. During this interview applicants need to prove their English language skills and also their suitability for their chosen program.
Applicants are invited to complete a Mathematics test.

Type of entrance exam:
oral and online test

Entrance exam location:


Preparatory year available:

Specialisation year available:

Minimum number of scholarship holders:

Maximum number of scholarship holders:


Programme structure

Throughout the course of the programme, students learn the basics of economics, social sciences, methodology and business.

(e.g.: mathematics, statistics, information technology, economics, international economics, finance, business economics, marketing, accounting, management, business communication, political science, sociology, law)

The programme is focussed on professional studies in international business.

(e.g.: In the field of macroeconomics: international relations and institutions, world economy and international trade, the EU’s organisation and policies, and Hungarian foreign economic policy. At the corporate level: international finance, international transactions, international logistics, international marketing, and international business communication).

After four completed semesters, students can choose from the recommended specialisations, even in a foreign language, depending on their existing knowledge and future goals.
In addition to the aforementioned skills, it is also possible to acquire advanced professional language and IT skills.

Career opportunities

Graduates from the programme can find employment practically in all areas of domestic and international companies and enterprises and fill middle and senior management positions in different technical and functional areas. Their advanced language skills and understanding of economics also make it easy for them to work abroad (or for international companies operating in Hungary).

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Not available for applying at the moment
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